Monday, January 25, 2010

Jump Start 2010 with a Detox Program!

If you are really ready to make some positive changes in your life and overall health in 2010, start with a great detoxification program! As toxins play a huge role in overall health and disease, it is critical before embarking on any New Year's plan to "blitz" your body and give it a clean slate! (If your body is already in ill health, make sure your adrenals are well supported and check with your doctor in advance.)

There are many great detoxification protocols you can follow, but the best incorporate many techniques including some kind of infection control, immune system building, foot baths, sauna treatments and internal cleansing. We are currently reviewing several detoxification protocols and products, and will keep you posted on our best recommendations.

Once you have selected a detox protocol to follow, make sure to follow up with a good maintenance program that includes eating well with whole, rich organic foods, and begin working in a mild to moderate exercise program that suits your specific interests. Don't leave out nourishing your spirit and mind as well! A healthy, positive mindset is a key to healing and overall good health.

Until next time, drink lots of pure alkaline water, and make positive choices that will ultimately benefit your long term good health!