Sunday, March 29, 2009

Slender Thigh Recipe

Slender Thigh Recipe

2 Boxes The Ultimate Applicator Natural Body Wraps
1 Bottle Defining Gel

It can be challenging to keep the thigh area of the body toned, firm and young looking! Women in particular have a different fiber structure than men, and can potentially have fat/toxin build up that produces a cellulite appearance. In addition, the leg tissue can be tougher than other areas of the body, making it more difficult to get at the deeper layers of fat tissue.

The positive news is that there finally IS a non-surgical body countouring treatment called the Ultimate Applicator Slimming System that can "zone in" on the thigh area at a cellular level to quickly and effectively mobilize fat and toxins. The result is more toned, firm and cellulite-free skin...just in time for Summer ~ and can be maintained year round!

  • Dry brush skin with an all natural skin brush if possible
  • Take warm shower to clean debris from skin and open pores
  • Towel dry, and measure each thigh in 3 places
  • Apply one Ultimate Applicator to each thigh, and wrap cellophane firmly on top to secure in place
  • Leave applicator on for a minimum of 45 minutes. 80% of the product will be absorbed at that time ~ may leave on longer if desired or overnight
  • Remove wraps, and rub in remaining product deeply into skin
  • Re-measure and document results
  • Repeat every 72 hours, using Defining Gel 2x/day in between treatments

For maximum results, eat "living", healthy and non-fat foods, exercise 3-4 times per week, and drink PLENTY of water. This helps flush toxins, keeps body well hydrated/PH balanced and metabolism working at optimum efficiency.

Enjoy immediate and progressive results with slender, toned thighs just in time for Summer!